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Personal Contact Programmes (PCPs) Schedule
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Personal Contact Programmes from 31-10-2022 to 03-11-2022

Updated: Oct 29, 2022

MA Semester-I (History, Economics) MA Semester-III (Hindi, Political Science)

BBA Semester-I & III, BCA Semester-I

PCP Schedule from 31-10-2022
Download PDF • 136KB

MA History Semester-I

Venue : F-2

M.A.1 History S1U1Pbi Booklet-1
Download PDF • 4.50MB
M.A.1 History S-1U1Eng Booklet-1
Download PDF • 2.46MB

MA Economics Semester-I

Venue :S-3

M.A.Eco,Sem.1,P=1-5,Pbi Med.
Download PDF • 14.88MB
MA. Eco.S1,Paper-1to5,Eng.Med.
Download PDF • 10.36MB

MA Hindi Semester-III

Venue : F-1

MA2 Hindi S3 Booklet-1
Download PDF • 27.91MB

MA Political Science Semester-III

Venue : S-5

MA 1 S3 Pol Sci (P) Booklet-1
Download PDF • 10.69MB
M.A. 1 S3 Pol Sci (E) Booklet-1
Download PDF • 4.88MB

BBA Semester-I

Venue : S-2

Study Material : Click here


BBA Semester-III

Venue : S-6

Study Material : Click here


BCA Semester-I

Venue : G-4

Study Material : Click here



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